MM Industries follows standards for packaging and packaging materials  to ensure that products are properly packaged and transported safely and efficiently. It is set in high hygiene category and has achieved Grade A.

Delivering Quality Products and Service is not a customer requirement, but part of the MM Industries Preamble. The quality assurance laboratories present at all facilities is the backbone of our packaging innovation and conversion processes. It carries out incoming, in-process and outgoing quality assurance checks of raw materials, in-process materials and approved finished pack stocks. This three tier inspection, measurement and assurance procedure supports our innovation and conversion activities on a continuous basis.

Manned by experienced quality assurance personnel and supported by the senior technical members of the production team, the quality assurance department maintains a vigilant eye and ensures that the products produced meets the customers’ specifications completely. The laboratory is equipped with:

We at MM Industries are cognizant of the necessity to continuously update quality requirements to meet the customers’ changing needs. We firmly believe that customer satisfaction is the final measure of product quality. We believe one never gets a second chance to make a good lasting impression, so it is our motto to do things right the first time.